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DIY – Build A Fire Truck Bunk Bed

DIY – Build A Fire Truck Bunk Bed


Mostly Parents choose Bunk Beds when they want to upgrade the Room of their Children. It is a very good idea but they should try to be a little creative because simple bunk beds are very boring and they won’t do trick. How about to build a bunk bed inspired by a theme where your child is interested in? The internet is full of creative bunk bed designs so it won’t be difficult to find an idea. We found this amazing Fire Truck Bunk Bed. If your child is not a big fan of fire trucks, you can still use the tutorial to make the structure of the bed, than customize the front according to your child’s preferences. Check this tutorial out, you will be surprised because it’s not that difficult as it looks like. Enjoy watching and start being creative!


Just follow these instructions, it’s not that difficult. 


Now it’s time to paint!


Here is the final result !! Do you like it?


Here are the sizes: 



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