8 ideas to create a cozy bedroom atmosphere



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Welcome to another blog article. If you love Fall content as much as I do, then you are at the right place.

I am such a home person and because I am such a home person I love creating a welcoming and inviting space. Especially because I spend so much time in my room. Here are some pieces to add to your bedroom to make it 10x cozier and enjoy the Fall.

Idea 1 for a cozy Bedroom: Sheer Curtains

If you can, place sheer curtains in your window, or don’t place curtains at all. I love how a window can be like a live picture frame for the seasons. I love when it rains, and I can hear and see the rain pouring down my window. It’s just a reminder that it is finally Fall.

cozy bedroom

cozy bedroom

Idea 2 for a cozy Bedroom: Creative Books Shelves

Find creative ways to display your books and play around with the layout. I have seen them placed on a fireplace and just stacked on top of each other. I have seen them be used as a nightstand and laid about the home and always having creative material to read from.

If you don’t like to read, have a curated book color displayed around your room. Maybe it can be black, browns, neutrals, greens, etc.

cozy bedroom

Idea 3 for a cozy Bedroom: Blankets

Have blankets all around. If you have a reading chair or a desk chair around your room or even just laid across your bed, add cozy blankets. They can add color to a room and are an inexpensive way of adding Fall decor without breaking the bank. A soft and oversized blanket makes everything cozier.

Idea 4 for a cozy Bedroom: Pillows

Another example of ways to add coziness to your space is by adding Fall theme pillows. My favorite thing to do is to add as many decorative pillows as possible and lay in bed all cozy and read a good book with a cup of tea and a burning candle. Pillows just add to that cozy feeling.

Idea 5 for a cozy Bedroom: Candles

If you are a Fan of Bath and Body Works Candles like myself, then you might have favorites that you like to purchase every season. I like to go on their sales and buy some candles, but if you don’t, there are so many options to pick from various locations that are just as wonderful.

Idea 6 for a cozy Bedroom: Fall Flowers

I bought a beautiful set of flowers a couple of years ago from the dollar store, but I always believe that bringing some type of natural elements such as seasonal flowers or some type of greenery can really make a space feel more earthy and inviting.

Idea 7 for a cozy Bedroom: Lights

I love unique lamps. Especially if they have been thrifted, I find that you find some unique lamps. Buy a low light bulb and create a cozy space. Just like a chandelier can complete a room, a small and unique lamp can also really make your bedroom feel cozy.

Idea 8 for a cozy Bedroom: Frames and ArtWork

If you have artwork around the room, and it was particular to the summer and spring, switch it out to something that fits your Fall vibe. If you felt like this Fall was going to be moody, look for burgundy, forest greens, blacks, etc. artwork, or if you want something more fun and light go for browns, tans, oranges, etc.

You can always print out artwork with a printer, or even spend a couple of dollars and buy image paper and print some images.

Hope you liked this article and that you found it useful and inspirational.

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